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Public Information Requests

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03147November 11, 2015. . .the name of the vendor(s) and winning bid amount for the above referenced RFP [785-15-5013.]Bid or Proposal Information
Requested documents:
03132October 29, 2015final report on Case # HC10092015000380 in which [an employee of requesting employer] was named in a complaint.Other
03084October 6, 2015Employee Id, Employee Last Name, Employee First Name (First and Last Names in separate fields or columns), Job Title, Job Code, Department, Work Location (Building working in), Room Number, Home Address (if waiver applies), Campus Mail Address, Campus Email Address, License number for all employees issued a license by Texas Board of NursingPersonnel Information
03077September 30, 2015. . . information and documents, whether written or in another medium, draft or final form for the following: Any and all UT Health Northeast policies, procedures, directives, protocols, and guidelines for the patient incentive or level program that [patient] is or has been subject to during (any part of all of) the period of March to August 2015.Other
03022August 25, 2015we were wondering if we can have email addresses for the following departments/schools so we can contact them directly and discuss details regarding job postings and job opportunitites for students: - Business - IT/Computer Science - Healthcare/Nursing - Career CenterOther
02981August 6, 2015the full and complete employment file of [former employee] . . . [This] should include, but not be limited to, the following documents: contract of employment, disciplinary records, benefits package, employee handbook, drug test results, payment/earning records, and documents evidencing separation from employment.Personnel Information
02978August 4, 2015Can I get the name and city of the firm or firms awarded this contract? RFQ No. 785-15-5014 A/E for Projects of Limited ScopeBid or Proposal Information
02935July 13, 2015Pursuant to Section 552.221 of the Government Code of Texas, I respectfully request a copy of the following: o Offense/arrest reports for all males arrested under Texas Penal Code § 43.02 Prostitution including information detailed enough to ascertain if the offense was for buying or selling, age, race, sex, name, address, location and time of offense for the years 2000, 2012, 2013, and 2014. o A list of all prostitution arrests made under Texas Penal Code § 43.02 Prostitution, including date of arrest, sex, and name or record number for the years 2000, 2012, 2013, and 2014. **If such a list is not available, then all offense/arrest reports under Texas Penal Code §43.02 Prostitution (including information detailed enough to ascertain if the offense was for buying or selling, age, race, sex, name, address, location and time of offense) for the years 2000, 2012, 2013, and 2014. o The aggregate number of each offense by month for 2012-2014 under the sections of the Texas Penal Code listed below. If such a report is not available, then a list of all the offenses under each category with the date of arrest. If your agency, does not have such information available, then the public information portion of all offense/arrest reports under each section listed below. • § 15.031(b) Criminal Solicitation of a Minor • § 20A.02 Trafficking of Persons • § 33.021(b),(c) Online Solicitation of a Minor • § 43.03 Promotion of Prostitution • § 43.04 Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution • § 43.05 Compelling Prostitution • § 43.25 Sexual Performance by a Child • § 43.251 Employment Harmful to Children • § 43.26 Possession or Promotion of Child PornographyOther
02871June 15, 2015I am inquiring about the outcome of contractor selection for the UT Health Science Center in Lindale, TX. See below questions. 1. What general contractor was awarded the project? 2. Who were the second and third place contractors? 3. What were the dollar values of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place proposals?Bid or Proposal Information
02855June 9, 2015Under the Texas Public Information Act, I’d like to request an electronic listing of all UT Health Northeast employees. Specifically, I’m seeking a spreadsheet, database or delimited text file(s) — not paper records or a PDF created from data — with the following fields for each employee: Name, title, department, race, gender, hire date and gross annual salary. If you cannot produce all of these fields, please let me know. In addition, please include any look-up tables that may be needed to interpret the data.Personnel Information
02852June 5, 2015RE: Third Party Collection Services 785-15-5005 / 09/11/2014 A copy of any documents responsive to the list below, which may be available to the public through the open records and/or freedom of information laws in your jurisdiction. 1. A copy of the signed contracts 2. A copy of any documents showing how vendors were scored or ranked during evaluations, including the pricing(percentage rate) submitted by all vendors 3. A list of companies that requested the RFP and that submitted a proposal. 4. Any reports over any time period related to contract performance. The most recent month, quarter, or year would be preferred.Bid or Proposal Information
02655January 12, 2015Request ID: 02363 - Name of the General Contractor and the award amount for the Vivarium Expansion Phase I project which bid on 4/23/2014Bid or Proposal Information
02646January 2, 20151. Portions of police reports that include info identifying accusations of sexual assault, physical assault & attempted sexual assault that involves at least one student or employee [names redacted] of UTHSCT from 1/01/2010 to 1/01/2015. 2. Information showing disciplinary action taken as a result of said reports. 3. Annual statistical crime reports from 2008-2014 and policies or guidelines regarding how those crimes are handled in the disciplinary system.Other