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Kuruvilla-Sarah-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveConjunctivitis
Putting a Lid on Pink Eye
Sarah Kuruvilla, MD

Wortz-Kathryn-PhD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSeasonal Affective Disorder
The Low-Down Winter Blues
Kathryn Wortz, PhD

Pippin-Philip-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCholesterol Numbers
What They Mean & Why They Matter
Philip Pippin, MD

Tran-My-Huyen-Mary-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBronchitis
Symptoms, Causes, Treatments
My-Huyen Mary Tran, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveFoot Pain
The Steps to Relief
David Andreone, DPM

Clem-Joanna-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChildren & the Flu
Calling the Shots
Joanna Clem, MD

LWPB0521_Low_Sarah_CROPPED_EDITED_with_Background_SQUARE_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMenopause
There Is Treatment
Sarah B. Low, MD

stringer-e1452195781502-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChest Pain & The Emergency Room
To Go or Not to Go?
Joshua Stringer, MD

Levin-Jeffrey-300x300-LWPB6796_pp_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAsbestos
Still a Health Risk?
Jeffrey L. Levin, MD

DrAndrewRoberts-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveProstate Problems
Prostate Treatments
Andrew Roberts, MD

LWPB8002_Cade_Angela_CROPPED_EDITED_with_background_SQUAREjj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveGout
Pain You Can Live Without
Angela Cade, MD

Davis-Kent-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAlzheimer's Disease
Am I At Risk?
Kent M. Davis, MD

Dr_Shannon_Glass-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMammography
The Latest Technology
Shannon Glass, MD

UTHSC_DRBUTTRAM_045_SQUARED-2-EDITED_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAllergy Myths
Nothing to Sneeze At
Jonathan W. Buttram, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAdult ADHD
Is it Real?

Nwaigwe-Ebube-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChronic Constipation
Causes & Treatments
Ebube Nwaigwe, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAdvanced Practice Providers
Their Growing Role
Gerald Brown, PA-C

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMeasles & Mumps
Still a Problem?

Mills-Monique-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMeasles & Mumps
Still a Problem?
Monique R. Mills, MD

powell1-e1452195154756-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveStrep Throat
It's Not Just for Kids
Christine A. Powell, MD

Shahid-Kamran-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveImmunotherapy
A New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer
Kamran Shahid, MD

DrHishaamIsmael-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePancreatic Surgery
New Hope?
Hishaam Ismael, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBotox & Juvederm
Looking Younger Has Never Been Easier

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHeart Disease
The Genetics Behind It
Sam K. Daya, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePreventable Foot Problems
Putting Your Best Feet Forward
David Andreone, DPM

wallace-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSuper Bugs
Evolving & Nasty
Richard J. Wallace Jr., MD

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHealthy New Year
A Happier New You
David R. Shafer, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveUT Health Northeast & M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
A New Partnership

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Blood Pressure
The Silent Killer
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

Xantus-Arunditi-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePTSD
A World of Stress
Arunditi Xantus, MD

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHormone Replacement Therapy
A Balancing Act
Christina Bratcher, MD

DrAndrewRoberts-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Prostate
When Bigger Isn't Better
Andrew Roberts, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHealth Education
Toward a Healthier Population

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveLifestyle & Looks
Facing the Facts

Wells-Don-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDense Breast Tissue
Breakthrough Diagnostic Technology
Charles D. Wells Jr., MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCommunity Health
How Healthy Are We?

wallace-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMosquito-Borne Illness
The Zika Virus & More
Richard J. Wallace Jr., MD

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveElectronic Gadgets
The Dark Side
James M. Stocks, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveFemale Viagra
Much Ado About Nothing? Or Worse?

Swan-Amy-DO-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePalliative Care vs. Hospice
How Do They Differ?
Amy Swan, DO

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCongestive Heart Failure
More Common & More Serious Than You Think
Sam K. Daya, MD

philley-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMycobacterial Lung Infection
A Big Name for a Serious Problem
Julie V. Philley, MD

hyman-e1452192149431-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCuring Cancer
Dreaming or Doable?
William J. Hyman, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes & Your Feet
Exercising Good Judgment
David Andreone, DPM

Scardina-Ray-300x300-LWPA3451_pp_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAutism Spectrum Disorder
Is it a Growing Problem?
Ray Scardina, MD

Willis-Ted-RT-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDementia
Seeing it Before the Signs
Ted Willis, MD

olusula-e1452194714117-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCeliac Disease
Crazy New Fad or Serious Disorder?
Patti L. Olusola, MD

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveYour Metabolism
Realistic Explanation for Weight Gain?
David R. Shafer, MD

menard1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveVaccinations
You're Never Too Old
Ryan Menard, MD

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Cholesterol Foods
No Longer a Danger?
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveColon Cancer
Preventable, Treatable, Beatable

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes
New Year's Prediabetes Wakeup Call
Christina Bratcher, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveStress
More Dangerous Than You Think
Gerald Brown, PA-C

LWPB8002_Cade_Angela_CROPPED_EDITED_with_background_SQUAREjj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Flu Shot
Why Get It?
Angela Cade, MD

Dr_Shannon_Glass-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiagnosing Breast Cancer
Technology Is the Key
Shannon Glass, MD

Dr_Richard_Idell-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePre-teen Depression
Is it Real?
Richard Idell, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveLung Cancer
A Treatment Breakthrough at Last

DrAmberCook-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChildhood Nutrition
What They Eat Matters Now and Later
Amber Cook, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDementia
What Are the Different Types?

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveTestosterone
The Truth About Low-T
Christina Bratcher, MD

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveRestless Leg Syndrome
The Rest of the Story
James M. Stocks, MD

DrAndrewRoberts-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveUrinary Incontinence in Men & Women
What Are the Options?
Andrew Roberts, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePodiatry
What Does a Podiatrist Do?
David Andreone, DPM

Fox-James-MD-e1452110851845-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveLung Cancer
Screening to Find it Early
James Fox, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveTummy Tuck
When Situps Won't Do the Job

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSuperbugs
Join the Fight Before It's Too Late

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSweet Dreams
How Sleep Can Be Better Than Ever

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePneumonia & the Vaccine
Clearing Up the Confusion
Gerald Brown, PA-C

Swan-Amy-DO-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePalliative Care
Buzzwords or Real Quality of Life Improvement
Amy Swan, DO

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDangerous Infectious Disease
Just a Plane Ride Away?

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSleep Deprivation
The Dangers of Insufficient Sleep
James M. Stocks, MD

COUCH_34-Square-Crop-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveRespiratory Failure
When Every Breath You Take is a Struggle
Leslie A. Couch, MD

wallace-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveEbola
Media Hype or Something More Serious?
Richard J. Wallace Jr., MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer Risk
You May Be What You Eat

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDepression
We're In a World of Hurt

philley-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePneumonia
When Pneumonia Walks
Julie V. Philley, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveTreating Allergies
A Safe Alternative to Shots

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHeart Health
Work as Hard for Your Heart as It Works for You
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

bosworth1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSweat
How Much is Too Much?
Michele C. Bosworth, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveStress Incontinence
Managing an Uncontrollable Bladder

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAcid Reflux
Don't Underestimate Acid Reflux Disease

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Obesity Paradox
A Myth For Diabetics
David R. Shafer, MD

COUCH_34-Square-Crop-100x100 HealthConnection Archivee-Cigarettes
Safe Alternative or Another Dangerous Addiction?
Leslie A. Couch, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer Care
The Success Story of Declining Cancer Deaths

Wells-Don-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBreast Health
The Mammography Study Heard 'Round the World
Charles D. Wells Jr., MD

b_olusola-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveColorectal Cancer
Procrastination Can Be Deadly
Bolarinwa F. Olusola, MD

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveNarcolepsy
New Answers to this Mysterious Disease
James M. Stocks, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveStress
More Dangerous Than You Think
Gerald Brown, PA-C

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveProstate Cancer
From Screening to Diagnosis to Treatment

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAtrial Fibrillation
Do You Have Symptoms and Don't Know It?
Sam K. Daya, MD

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Blood Pressure
When Your Lungs Have High Blood Pressure
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePain and Sleep
The Effect Pain Has On Sleep
James M. Stocks, MD

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveObesity
Genetics or Willpower
David R. Shafer, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveFish Oil Supplements
Friend or Foe?

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveLow Testosterone
Talk to Your Doctor First

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer Q&A
Common Myths and Misunderstandings

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePelvic Pain
An Equal Opportunity Complaint

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAnemia
More Common Than You Think

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Blood Pressure
Shake the Salt
Sam K. Daya, MD

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveYour Thyroid
Small Gland, Big Impact
Christina Bratcher, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBirth Control
The Basics

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveInsulin Resistance
The Road to Diabetes
Gerald Brown, PA-C

Levin-Jeffrey-300x300-LWPB6796_pp_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHeat Stress
Is Heat Stressing You Out at Work?
Jeffrey L. Levin, MD

smith-e1452195603146-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer
Radiation Therapy for Cancer
Lewis G. Smith, III, MD

menard1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveVitamin D3
Starving for Sunlight
Ryan Menard, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChildhood Obesity
Treatment and Prevention

olusula-e1452194714117-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMetabolic Syndrome
What a Diagnosis Means
Patti L. Olusola, MD

hyman-e1452192149431-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveLung Cancer
East Texas Leads the State in Lung Cancer
William J. Hyman, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBreast Cancer
Knowledge is Your Power

sharkey11-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAllergy Testing
What Are You Allergic To?
Paul C. Sharkey Jr., MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePap Test
Clearing Up Confusion about the Pap Test

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveInsomnia
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
James M. Stocks, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveWomen's Heart Health
A Heart Attack Every 90 Seconds

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes
The Story Behind the Stats
David R. Shafer, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBronchiectasis
When A Cough Becomes Chronic and Productive

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBreast Cancer Surgery
Maintaining Breast Health

philley-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePulmonary Hypertension
What Causes Pulmonary Hypertension?
Julie V. Philley, MD

olusula-e1452194714117-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveVaccines
Vaccines for the Whole Family
Patti L. Olusola, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveWeight Loss
FDA-approved Weight Loss Drugs
Gerald Brown, PA-C

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAlzheimer's
Are You at Greater Risk?

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Sun and Vitamin D
How the Sun Boosts Vitamin D

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDrug Shortages
Will They Affect You?

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes
The Link Between Diabetes and Other Diseases
David R. Shafer, MD

griffiths1-e1452111274661-100x94 HealthConnection ArchiveLatent Tuberculosis
More Common Than You Think
David E. Griffith, MD

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAngina
A Pain in the Chest
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAlzheimer's and Dementia
The Impact as the Population Ages

hc-square-logo-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHemorrhoids
Prevention and Treatment

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