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April 09, 2017

Immunotherapy: A New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer

April 9, 2017

Much progress has been made in the fight against cancer but of all the improved therapies, perhaps none is more exciting than immunotherapy. By mobilizing the body’s own natural defenses, many cancers can be successfully treated without the debilitating side effects common to many traditional cancer therapies.

In this post to HealthConnection.TV, U.T. Health Northeast cancer expert Dr. Kamran Shahid answers questions about immunotherapy and its growing role in the fight against cancer.


  1. What is immunotherapy?
  2. Which types of cancer benefit most from immunotherapy?
  3. Aside from the cancers currently being treated using immunotherapy, which cancers are next in line to be treated using immunotherapy?
  4. Who is a good candidate for immunotherapy?
  5. How does immunotherapy differ from traditional cancer treatments?
  6. Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to immunotherapy, or are there different ways in which it is used to treat cancer?
  7. Describe the process of immunotherapy.
  8. How is immunotherapy administered?
  9. How effective is immunotherapy against lung cancer?
  10. What are some possibilities for immunotherapy being used to treat cancers that currently rely solely on traditional approaches?
  11. What about immunotherapy for treating cancers that are particularly hard to treat, such as cevical and pancreatic cancers?
  12. What are some other questions a cancer patient is likely to have regarding immunotherapy?
  13. What about the cost of immunotherapy? Is it likely to be covered by private insurance?
  14. If someone is a candidate for immunotherapy, what is his or her first step?

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