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December 22, 2015

Stress: More Dangerous Than You Think

December 20, 2015

“Stressed out” is an expression we hear all the time and, indeed, we do seem to all run at a fast, stressful pace. But being under constant stress is a bigger risk to your health than you might think. Recognizing and coping with chronic stress is the topic that Certified Physician Assistant Gerald Brown covers in this post to HealthConnection.TV.


  1. What exactly is the clinical definition of stress?
  2. Do we all deal with stress in the same way?
  3. What are the warning signs that stress is becoming a problem that can pose a risk to health?
  4. When does ordinary stress become chronic stress?
  5. What is the long term impact of stress on our health?
  6. What are some practical ways for us to deal with stress?
  7. How do we know when we're not dealing effectively with stress?
  8. When should we seek professional help?

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